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Man of Many Talents

5 Mar

When he’s not cooking up delicious dishes, RASAG member Mustafa is capturing the best bits of the City of Sanctuary Party on video.


Here it is!


Public Speaking – Scarier Than Death?

11 Nov

RASAG members were given tickets to a Sheffield United Game

The RASAG group have been busy as ever…  Courtesy of FURD, several members attended a football match at Bramwell Lane Sheffield.  Two members, Firas and Shiran, went on to speak on stage at the Showroom Cinema about the match as part of Sheffield Converation Club’s “Off The Shelf “event, which saw Phil Vasili reading from his book about Walter Tull – one of Britain ’s first black professional footballers in the early 1900s.  We are looking forward to receiving some photo’s of both events so that we can add them to the blog. 

The following week, FURD organised several tickets to view the film Africa United at the Showroom – participating members really enjoyed watching the film.  Firas said of it 

It is really nice film and I know now allot about African people and I know how African people love football. The film show many thinks not just about football, and I think the film is suitable for children and adults and all family but unfortunately it shows many violence views”

RASAG members enjoyed a free trip to the cinema

Last Saturday four RASAG members joined together with members of other community groups to enjoy a day of free public speaking training organised by City of Sanctuary and delivered by Speakers Bank trainer. Jen Skapeti.  The group really enjoyed the day and felt much more confident in speaking at the end of it.  This was a really excellent course which was well structured and delivered.  As part of the group, RASAG members often have to speak in  public with little or no preperation time.  Firstly, during the Legends Project, members were up on stage sharing stories with only one day’s training under their belt.  Since then, members have been required to speak at events such as the You Choose funding event and at the “Off the Shelf” festival mentioned above; considering English is not their first language and many of us confess to public speaking being our worst fear, above illness, povety and even death, this training will prove invaluable – thanks Speakers Bank!

Four RASAG members enjoyed the training

You Choose – RASAG!!

27 Sep

The event was at the Quaker meeting house

RASAG were very happy and excited to come first at the You Choose funding event organised by the Central Community Assembly on 25th September.  It was our first time competing live for funding and we all felt a bit nervous.  It was also unfortunate that our name appeared wrong on the info sheet and voting form, but we made sure to point that out to voters!  We opened our bid with an impromptu RASAG song from Goran, and we filled the rest of our three minutes with with me talking about what RASAG has done so far and Firas expounding the impact the group has had on his life – the audience must have enjoyed it because there were only a few voters who didn’t give us one of their 8 votes! 

The £1000 kindly awarded to us by the Community Assembly will be used to devlop the RASAG identity including membership ID cards, supporters cards and a database to record those working with us, a web domain to start developing a website, and of course, a giant party to launch ourselves to service providers and communities throughout central Sheffield – watch this space for your invite!

See here for details of Sheffield’s Central Community Assembly


Shef Factor – Talent Contest

22 Sep

Goran singing

Sheffield City of Sanctaury and Sheffield Quakers teamed up to create a showcase of talent from around Sheffield, with refugees, asylum seekers, Quakers and other community members taking the opportunity to perform and support each other in a highly successful and unique event.  RASAG had a range of roles within the event; we provided all of the savoury food including fish, kookoo, biryani and dolma – many thanks to Nzazi, Sagheer, Azizeh and Mustafa for their work.  One of our members teamed up with Quaker Friend Rosie to MC the event – well done Spag.  RASAG member Goran performed with his band Jakam Jar Bu – great to see evryone dancing and enjoying the music – thanks Goran and Rasul.  A group of us also performed a story from the Legends storytelling project – big thanks to Firas who told the story and Lemlem, Azizeh and Shiran for bringing it to life!

As a taster of the great talent and diversity of the Shef Factor event, I would like to introduce you to a star of the future – Pallav Roy.  Pallav is a British boy who has bags of talent and kindly turned out with his family to support Sheffield’s City of Sanctuary.  Here he is with two songs at the talent show remember you saw him here first!

Eid Party Pictures

20 Sep

Dancing to Jakam Jar Bu

Many thanks again to Daniel Humble for his work on the RASAG Eid party – a site of pictures from the party is available here – if you were at the party and would like to order copies of the picture please contact Dan – his details are on the picture page.


Ahmed and Goran in traditional costume

Happy Eid From Rasag!

16 Sep

Some of the people who helped to organise and enjoyed the party

Many thanks to Goran and the rest of the RASAG team for a very successful Happy Eid party on the 11th September in the Sharrow Old Junior School Hall.  RASAG were granted £250.00 from the Shine on Sharrow fund, for which we are very grateful.  RASAG laid on food, including Kurdish dolma, made by friends of Goran, fish and rice by Nzazi, a range of lovely dishes from Sujata and a large bucket of biryani from Sagheer – thanks guys!  Music was provided by Yakam Jar Bu, and they had us all up dancing together – great to see so many different races and Nationalities enjoying a boogie together.  Side by Side’s Dan Humble came and took photo’s, including the lovely one above – thanks Dan!  There will be a link to a page of photo’s added shortly.  Firas and Shiran worked hard on the party preperations and the clear up and it was great to see Azizeh and Lemlem enjoying themselves and spending time with friends.  Great work all round RASAG team!

Many thanks to everyone at Sharrow Community forum and Sharrow Surestart for making everything run smoothly and keeping the kiddies occupied with glue, sparklies and other fun messy stuff!  There will be more pics and quotes from the group to follow, plus a piece in Sharrow Today, but suffice to say, we’re planning an even bigger bash for “Big Eid” in a few months – though we were very pleased with the 80+ people we attracted to “little Eid”

Eid Mubarack!

Many thanks to Shine on Sharrow!

31 Aug

Thanks to the Shine on Sharrow committee RASAG will be holding an Eid celebration on 11th September at the Old Junior School building, 1-5 pm.  As well as proving some delicious food for everyone, RASAG will be laying on entertainment including Kurdish singing and dancing.  We are on the look out for performers to make this a truly multicultural experience and there will be children’s activities too. 

Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate on the 11th september – the more the merrier.

Happy Eid Party 

 This will be a great opportunity to eat and drink together, have fun and meet new friends in the community.  The whole community likes to celebrate Christmas together, whether we are Christians or not…  Let’s do something special together as a community for Eid this year.