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Injunction Halts Deportation Flight

20 Jul

Lemlem among friends at Legends workshop

Following the demonstration outside the UK Border Agency at Vulcan House news came through that an injunction has been granted to stop the deportation of Lemlem tomorrow.  The fight will not be over until she is granted permenant leave to remain in the UK and returned here to her friends in Sheffield.  For now, however, it’s great news!

Please watch this video and email Theresa May, the home secretary and if you live in Sheffield, Meg Munn, Lemlem’s constituency MP


Protest for Lemlem

20 Jul

This could be our last chance to make a difference.

Lemlem is due to be deported to Ethiopia tomorrow, despite the fact that she is not from there and has never been there before.  Lemlem does not speak Amharic, the first language of Ethiopia.  Her family and village were murdered by Ethiopian forces in 1978 due to their association with the Eritrean Liberation Front, so Lemlem will be seen as an enemy in Ethiopia.  She is 60 years old, has a bad limp and poor eyesight – she has no chance of surviving in a new country where she has no friends or contacts.

If you’re in any doubt about how failed  asylum seekers are removed from the UK and who by, check out the Independant’s front page on Monday 5th July 2010

There is a facebook event for the protest at;!/event.php?eid=125508334160492&ref=mf

The details are Vulcan House, 6 Millsands, Sheffield S3 8NU,  Today · 15:00 – 17:00

For more information look at the facebook group.  Sign Lemlem’s petition at;

Don’t let them send this poor lady away from the UK where she is safe and much loved.

Lemlem must stay!

Storying Sheffield

12 Jun

I was very pleased to be able to attend the Storying Sheffield showcase yesterday, an innovative project with remarkably similar aims to the Legends project. (  I was impressed and somewhat envious of the scale of the project both in terms of the multimedia exhibition and the crowd, who were packed in by the hundred.  The exhibition was vibrant and varied, with features including a mobile of comments about Sheffield, photo stories, video footage of interviews and arrays of items representing participant’s image of the Steel City, from cutlery to boiled sweets, ale to art.   Regrettably, I was unable to reach the short film exhibition space, as forcing my way through the crowd with a sleeping toddler in her pushchair was inhibited by the announcement of the live presentation, a review of the project’s achievements with plenty of humour and some excellent poetry. 

Although enjoyable and informative, the presentation was somewhat inhibited by numbers, as I could neither see the stage nor hear all of the speeches – some people at the back of the room started to filter out as a result.   The presentation was curtailed by the prospect of the Lord Mayor’s imminent arrival, and this being the third event I was to see him at in 10 days I began to fear stalking accusations and set to promoting the Legend’s performances.

On the whole the promotion went well, although I began to see the flaw in my leaflet, which simply gives the name Sheffield RASAG, without explaining that it is a refugee and asylum seeker community group…  I found myself repeating this fact to people over and over while both relishing the fact that I hadn’t blown the whole printing budget on the flawed design, and regretting that I didn’t have more printed to cover the numbers at Storying Sheffield and have some left for Peace in the Park ( and and the launch of the Summer of Sanctuary, Together at Devonshire Green (  With a miniscule budget of £20.00 to cover the entire project it is a constant dilemma of whether to spend or save and I left this event feeling that I had underestimated the levl of potential to promote Legend’s this weekend.

Having thouroughly enjoyed Storying Sheffield and been convinced that their aims and ethos is noteably similar to our own, now’s the time for RASAG to see if they can offer us any help with promting our events and extending our lifespan, which is hanging in the balance after the rejection of an important funding bid…  Like Storying Sheffield we intend to be back bigger and better next year, so lets find out if there’s any potential for collaboration and stand united, narrating in the face of adversity!

Performances and picnic

9 Jun

Legends storytelling group will be performing at

Heeley Festival Sat, 19/06/2010 all day in a gazebo

One World Over Sat, 19/06/2010 – 19:00 – 22:00. In Aid of ASSIST, at the Montgomery Hall, Surrey St (by the big wheel)

Central Library Surrey Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 1XZ, 12.30 – 1.30 Mon 28/06/2010

Ecclesall Library 120 Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S11 9PL, 5.30 – 6.30 Mon 28/06/2010!/group.php?gid=105594016150685&ref=ts

The RASAG/Big Lunch picnic will now be held at Sharrow Summer Flea Market, Old Junior School, South View Road Sheffield S7 1DB on 12 – 5 pm, 18/07/2010