Lemlem Coming Home To Stay?

23 Jul

Great news has come through that Lemlem will be released from Yarls Wood and allowed to come back to Sheffield – she must feel so relieved and campaigners will be elated.  However, until Lemlem is granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK, the battle will not be over.  It is still vital that we put pressure on Meg Munn, Lemlem’s constituency MP to lobby the Home Secretary on her bahalf.   Theresa May and the Home Office are the best chance for Lemlem. The legal team is preparing a judicial review for today so there is hope, but there’s still some way to go.  For now, Lemlem has been granted “temporary admission” and will be returning to the UK’s first City of Sanctuary, her home.

If, like me, you have read the two news articles in the Star about Lemlem online you may have been as shocked as I have been about the ignorant, racist and vitriolic comments that have been made about Lemlem and her situation.  There is clearly some way to go in making sure that the inhabitants of Sheffield are “proud to be a place of safety”.  A BBC Radio Sheffield journalist is preparing a feature on City of Sanctuary and is looking for 7 case studies of people who have come to Sheffield for Sanctuary.  Preferably the participants will have been in Sheffield for 3 years or less, people from any stage of the asylum process (including enforced destitution) are welcome.  Participants will be willing and able to tell the story of how and why they came to Sheffield and may have someone support them while they meet the journalist.  The output, ie, their story in the feature, will be totally anonymous….  Of course, RASAG are taking part.

For more info on this or any RASAG project, get in touch on katelyn_mckeown@yahoo.co.uk

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