RASAG Did Lunch!

19 Jul

Yesterday was  a very early start for the RASAG hardcore who were on BBC Radio Sheffield at 7.40 am – it was very rainy and things weren’t looking great for picnicing outdoors!  Check us out at 1 hr 40 here

However things started to look up when we were offered a room in doors for our picnic and nine RASAG members turned out to help with the cooking and cleaning – which was brilliant!

Some of the spread and the first lunchers!

We were also supported by some of my Learn For Life ESOL learners who brought along food and leant a hand.

There were queues out of the door and the room was full!

Everyone enjoyed the food and after an hour and a half it was all gone – we think we fed about 200 people!  we put the Legends display up in the room and we got lots of feedback about that.

Everyone had a great day – another successful RASAG event!

RASAG crew!

We also took the opportunity to collect signitures for Lemlem – we got about 120 and the petitions have been dropped at the Law centre today.  We had an emmotional phonecall from Lemlem as we were preparing the food in the morning and it was horribly clear that she should have been there with us, enjoying the day and getting involved with the community, instead of locked up and terrified.  Please sign Lemlem’s petition at


City of Sanctuary and Roundabout Homeless Charity had displays at the event and it was great to see Side By Side performing Communicatease again…  This was a very successful case of refugee and asylum seeker activities being combined with a wider community event…  The RASAG aim in action!


2 Responses to “RASAG Did Lunch!”

  1. Sharrow Today July 23, 2010 at 9:57 am #


    Would it be ok for me to feature this in the August edition Sharrow Today?


  2. Sheffield R.A.S.A.G July 23, 2010 at 11:35 am #

    That would be great! I’ll send some pics 🙂
    Best Wishes,

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